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Clean room steel door

Aug 06, 2020

The clean room steel door body panel adopts sandwich composite panel, and the panel has stainless steel wire drawing panel, color coated steel plate (mainly gray and white, the user can also specify), etc. Sandwich bedding materials include paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, rock wool, resin, foam and so on. The product is manufactured in the factory, the finished product leaves the factory, the installation is fast, tightly closed, durable, and beautiful. Suitable for all kinds of clean rooms (clean rooms), this product is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, biological, food, sanitation, agriculture and forestry, veterinary medicine, inspection and quarantine, electronics, electrical, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, precision instruments, Colleges and universities and research departments. And high-end office buildings and other places.

The process shaping of the clean room steel door adopts special equipment and special molds for one-time stamping and forming, the surface is flat and smooth, and the line feel is clear and seamless. It is equipped with double-layer hollow tempered windows, domestic well-known brand stainless steel handle door locks, door closers, hinges (or customer-specified brand accessories). When the door cover is connected with the machine-made color steel plate wall, the double-fabric frame assembly connection method is adopted. When the door cover is connected with the hand-made color steel plate wall, the independent frame aluminum connection method is adopted. All the connections are specially designed and do not need to be repaired separately.

The clean room steel doors and clean room glass windows are the company's summary of the construction and production practices over the years, and have widely adopted a large number of opinions and suggestions from other construction companies and users. The materials and production process equipment have been improved many times. Basically finalized, and recognized by well-known experts in the purification, environmental protection, construction, decoration and other industries, the successful adoption of the clean room steel door and clean room glass window plays a key role in the upgrade of the clean room and changes the original The solidity, air tightness, aesthetics, durability, corrosion resistance and other undesirable defects.

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